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The Rover Coolship

Meet The Rover, our mobile coolship.

Brewers Mike and Zach Hatten/father sun duo with The Rover.


Hundreds of years ago, before the invention of our modern day brewing systems, there was no fast way to cool down wort. Back then, the fastest way to cool down the steaming hot wort was to pump it into these large rectangular wooden pans, called coolships, or koelschips. These pans had open tops to allow airborne yeasts and microflora to inoculate the beer spontaneously.

Pumping beer into The Rover for transport, cooling, and collection of wild yeasts.

We took it one step further and made our coolship mobile, parking it around the valley such as our hyper-local pear orchard, pumpkin patch, and a sagebrush hillside. While you would never get the exact same beer if you parked The Rover in the same spot again and again, moving it around to these different locations let's us have more variation in the different microflora available to us around the valley.

the rover mobile coolship

The Rover is parked and ready to be opened at a local pear orchard.

When the beer is done fermenting, it will then age in barrels for up to three years at a time.

barrels of spontaneous beer

Barrels of spontaneous beer